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Our Aim

pH7Flush are dedicated on working closely with our clients on ways to help their businesses run more effectively by reducing energy costs and lowering their carbon footprint, by improving the efficiency of their wet heating system. We are all guilty as individuals to small businesses and large companies with the principal, "If it's working it doesn't need fixing", but that is not to say it is working efficiently. It is alarmingly surprising how many businesses ignore slowly rising energy bills, and put it down to ever increasing fuel costs, when in fact it's commonly down to a build up of scale and corrosion within the boiler's heat exchanger, pipe work, and radiators.


What We Do Best

pH7Flush specialise in the detection and removal of magnetites (commonly known in the industry as magnetic sludge), scale and debris within wet central heating systems by power flushing. We have specially designed equipment to meet the needs of any application, from a small premises for example 20 radiators on a single zone installation, to a multi-storey heating system for example hotel; school; college with up to a 1000 radiator multi-zoned installation.



pH7Flush have been power flushing domestic and light commercial heating systems for over 15 years, and although it is not impossible to treat a large commercial system with a standard power flushing pump, with a typical wet system of 150 to 200 radiators over 4 stories, or an industrial system with 300 to 1000 radiators (typical examples only), it is with little or no effect without defragmenting the system down to more manageable zones. This method usually increases labour time and cost to client.

As you have probably discovered in your search for commercial and industrial power flushing companies, there are very few operating in this sector, and most use standard domestic power flushing equipment. It is a relatively small market, and not cost effective for manufacturers capable of doing so.

pH7Flush have there own concept..


With our widely vast experience in the power flushing industry, we approached one of the UK's leading pump specialist, and Kamco the UK's leading power flushing equipment and chemical experts with our concept.

With the expertise of each respective company, and some careful maths to calculate flow rates, max head, and bar pressure, we have designed our own sophisticated equipment suitable for any large commercial or industrial application, without having to defrag the system down (typical example, our equipment is fabricated on-site to suit any size pipe work from as little as 28mm copper, to 4inch black threaded steel.

Using centrifugal high velocity pumps with an outlet of 3inch and flow rate of 1000lts per minute, we can flush up to 300 radiators over 6 floors, or 800 radiators over a single floor, and still achieve a modest flow rate of 200 litres per minute. This is sufficient to remove and dislodge the most stubborn corrosion within the system.

Our equipment can be adapted to any size of wet heating system, for a commercial or industrial scale between 200 and 20,000 litres (see case studies for more).



Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

and save up to 30% on your energy use with Endotherm

Carbon Footprint

Endotherm™ is a new revolutionary central heating additive, and when dosed to a wet heating system it has been proven to reduce energy costs by 15%.Endotherm

When dosed to a system after power flushing to remove scale buildup and magnatites (magnetic sludge), the final results have been even better, giving 30% less energy use.


Get Endotherm™ Working For Your Business!

Savings are instant, and you can see a total return on your initial outlay within 18 months (based on a typical wet system of 50 radiators, or 700lts).


How It Works

How Endotherm Works

Water in a heating system, as with all fluid, has a surface tension, so with the natural imperfections within the makeup of the system (especially within the radiators), optimal thermal contact is not made. When dosed with 1% Endotherm of the total wet capacity, stably changes the surface tension by over 60%, whilst remaining non-corrosive.

The surface tension is changed by breaking down the hydrogen bonds within the water, making it "wetter", this allows it to penetrate the imperfections within a radiator, boiler tube, or heat exchanger, increasing the thermal contact, which in turn improves the efficiency of heat transfer. Radiators will heat up quicker, stay hotter for longer in between boiler cycle, and allows a room to get up to its desired temperature more efficiently, burning less fuel and reducing your carbon footprint.



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